New Blog “OMG, I’m really doing this

I’ve put this on top of another blog (saving paper…) Actually, I keep getting the same blog so until I figure out the instructions I’m going to overwrite this one.I’ve wanted to do an internship since I first came to the program. It wasn’t that I didn’t have any experience; I’ve worked in a library for seven years, but there was something about creating a process that’s very exciting. I’m not just doing what I’m told here (although I hope I do that well), I’m doing something with intent.

All that said I’m really nervous. I started late on the process and am only now booting up so I have my site supervisor and my site but we haven’t started the process yet. I know we’ll do okay but I get that little overwhelming thrill of excitement at the start of something really different.

And that said, I can’t believe my luck at getting such an interesting job. The thought of digging into Library of Congress and the National Archives – wow. I’ve always wanted to touch old memories and here I am.


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